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My Smile Kit: Mental Health First Aid Kit

My Smile Kit: Mental Health First Aid Kit

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If you fall and scrape your knee, you grab your first aid kit and you have everything you need to administer care. But what if you have a panic attack or sensory overload?

This kit has 9 tangible tools for coping with anxiety, stress, and sensory overload. 
Anxiety and panic is often triggered by sensory overload; the overwhelming feeling of too many things happening at once. We can use this mental health tool kit to focus on one particular sense or moment to feel grounded & relieve stress.

Here are some tips on how to use each item:
1. Stress Ball: Squeeze me to relieve stress or frustration. Take one deep breath with every squeeze- count up to 15! 
2. Essential Oil Roller: Lavender stress relief oil- sense of smell can be the fastest route to the brain. Apply me to your wrist, back of neck, pillow or sleeve. Subtly take a whiff of my calming scent to soothe anxiety.
3. Sensory Stone Fidget: Carry me as a fidget toy! If movement can be directed it can enhance focus. Even something as small as fidgeting the hands, increases levels of the neurotransmitters
4. Essential Oil Calming Clay: Use me as a tool for both aromatherapy and stress relief! Squeeze, smell & re-shape me to help distract from your worries. 
5. Mindful Mints: Place me in your mouth & think through all your senses. What do I taste like, feel like, smell like? Focusing on one thing helps us feel grounded.
6. Notebook: Writing, drawing & coloring can be calming and is psychologically proven to soothe stress & anxiety. You’ll also find a positive, unique message from our founder, Taylora Schlosser in each notebook.
7. Multi-color Pen: When feeling overwhelmed, draw, write down your feelings or make lists! Pen includes six colors!
8. Healing Crystal: Powerful minerals may strengthen the power of positive affirmations. Practice encouraging mantras “I am strong”, “I am enough”, “I am doing my best, that is all I can expect of myself” 
9. Calming Candle: When it comes to finding peace of mind, the atmosphere matters. This uplifting candle harmonizes the mind, improves mood & creates a safe meditation space.

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